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Discovery Castle Daycare Centre offers a comprehensive set of childcare services in North Vancouver. We have programs that focus on the care and education of infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers through the use of activities such as arts, music, and outdoor trips.
Discovery Castle Child Care

Our Philosophy

– To provide a safe, loving environment where children can grow and be challenged in all developmental areas, which will aid them to become caring self-governing individuals.

– Each child is unique with unique background experiences, interests, characteristics, and abilities. Children learn in different ways and at different rates. A Child must have an environment that is caring, trusting and fosters learning.

– Our Educators will recognize individual differences, plan for and adapt instruction to meet the individual needs of each child. Educators must provide a secure, success oriented, positive atmosphere that will foster a desire for and the pursuit of lifelong learning, which will focus on the growth and progress of each child.

– Children need to learn to recognize and appreciate the special qualities of all individuals by listening to one another, by helping one another to solve problems and by learning from one another, so that a true sense of individuals within a community develops.

– Nutrition is also an important asset to a child’s development. That is why our snacks, fruits and food are carefully chosen to be healthy and highly nutritional. We provide only organic fruits and all natural snacks. We try to avoid any food, which includes preservatives and artificial flavors or colors. We try to avoid warming up foods in plastic containers.

– We believe that children excel in an environment that is safe, secure, supportive and loving. An environment that offers challenges to aid at their developmental stages. All staff will model appropriate, respectful behavior towards all children and adults alike. All Staff will acknowledge each child’s feelings and demonstrate appropriate behavior, words and actions. Staff will also establish simple, age appropriate and developmental practices to ensure all children reach success. All guidance techniques will be practiced in a respectful and positive manner.

About Management

Lida Madarshahian is a childcare professional and Executive Director of Discovery Castle Childcare, a daycare company with two locations in North Vancouver, B.C. In British Columbia, licensed daycares must comply with the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and the Child Care Licensing Regulation: Lida’s primary role is to create and maintain the best possible environments by managing the daycare locations to the highest standards and ensuring they meet or exceed all government regulations. Lida takes pride in the good reputation of Discovery Castle Daycare.

Originally trained as an elementary school teacher, Lida has specialized in daycare with ages ranging from infants to preteens. She has earned an Infant and Toddler Certificate and an Early Childhood Care and Education Certificate, both from MTI Community College. In addition, she possesses an Emergency Childcare First Aid CPR/AED Certificate. These credentials, combined with years of experience working with children, enables her to provide the best care.

In addition to her role as Director, Lida is responsible for recruiting and mentoring the best childcare providers available in order to fulfil her vision of a safe, happy, and caring space for children. She ensures that every staff member is a certified teacher or assistant. She believes that an effective curriculum includes a diverse experience for the child, guided by the teacher, with learning objectives that are clearly defined for the parent.

Lida has experience with a variety of cultures and belief systems and is sensitive to the needs of the individual and the family. Parents can be assured of an inclusive and collaborative setting that encourages children to explore and grow in safety and comfort. For over two decades, Lida has endeavored to make her daycares a place that children are eager to be a part of.

A capable business manager, Lida takes care to ensure that the administrative aspects of the organization are well looked after. Regulations, inspections, safety and security are all at the forefront of managing a great daycare and handled expertly by Lida and her staff.

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