Benefits of group providers

Studies show that high-quality daycare benefits children through attachment and socialization. Early childhood education in group settings allows children to develop necessary social skills and a sense of independence. Compared with one-to-one caregivers, children in group settings have an opportunity to play within their peer groups and bond with other children and care providers.

Quality early childhood education provides a good foundation for kindergarten and grade one. Skills like verbal and numerical concepts, attention focus, and social skills make the transition to school easier and more successful. Mastering self-control and self-awareness are key to a smooth transition to full-time school. In groups, children learn concepts like social-emotional understanding, empathy, and caring. Group participation in play and tasks help them to develop responsibility and cooperation skills. Being a supportive and contributing member of a group is a rewarding and enlightening experience.

Language development is enabled in group environments that have meaningful and comprehensive opportunities for the child to learn English while embracing the primary language spoken at home. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing opportunities abound in group settings as children interact with each other. Math and science skills are developed through the joy of discovery and also by counting, sorting, and building shapes using blocks and other materials. In groups, children can see alternative perspectives and learn from the successes and mistakes of others. Peer learning is an essential skill that is developed in early education groups. This can be especially true if the task or concept is difficult to grasp without examples to follow.

Visual and performing arts provide rich group experiences as children learn that art is inclusive and common to all. Children working independently in group settings, creating art projects, learn that art is more about the process than the finished product. Dramatic play, acting, and pretending to contribute to the artistic thinking process both individually and in groups.

Overall, group daycare can benefit children by providing them with development opportunities that wouldn’t be available in single childcare environments. The key to successful early childhood education is the quality of the care. Discovery Castle Childcare aims to provide environments rich with stimulation and guided learning.